Blue Ridge Home Builders Association is...
Blue Ridge Home Builders Association is a professional trade association organized in 1964 to unite the builder/developer with the allied trade industries, businesses and professions that have interest in the building industry, BRHBA works to consolidate resources and build coalitions that will develop the industry and the community.


The Blue Ridge Home Builders Association (BRHBA) is a trade association representing builders and all supporting suppliers, trades and professional services in the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Madison, Nelson and the city of Charlottesville.

BRHBA is part of a federation of local home building associations throughout the United States and is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Home Builders Association of Virginia. BRHBA was established in 1964. It is a non-profit, volunteer association. The annual plan of work is established and executed by volunteers; supported by a professional staff

The work of the association is established by a Board of Directors and carried out by member volunteers through our committees.

The Board of Directors is a working board and each committee chairman is a member of the board.


Blue Ridge Home Builders Association unites and brings together builders, remodelors, developers, suppliers, trades and professional services with interest in the homebuilding industry for the purpose of consolidating our collective resources for the betterment of the homebuilding industry and the enhancement of the homes and neighborhoods for home buyers and homeowners. Our goal is to provide membership forums for meeting the challenges of a growing and changing homebuilding industry.


BRHBA membership is available to businesses that derive a significant portion of their business from the 500+ new homes built in this area each year. The membership is a company membership, meaning individual membership is not required, but that each employee or agent of a member firm may participate in association work as it best meets the needs of the company.

Membership in BRHBA includes membership in the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Home Builders Association of Virginia (HBAV).

Membership is extended to all employess of the member firm.  For membership information or an application, please click here.


BRHBA has monthly events for members to learn new things about the building industry, network and have fun.  Please check our calendar and main page for more information on these events.


A complimentary copy of our current newsletter, membership directory or builder guide may be requested from the BRHBA office and mailing labels are available at a modest charge.


A monthly newsletter is mailed the first Monday of every month.  For advertising information, please contact Alyson Sanderford (alyson@bhrba.org).

Membership Directory:

The directory of members includes company and contact names, mailing and location address, phone, fax, email numbers,
committee affiliations and classified listings.

Builder Guide:

The guide provides a list of local home builders and remodelors who have chosen to affiliate themselves with BRHBA. There is a brief sketch of each builder, including name, contact, address and phone number.


The greatest opportunity to get to know other members is to work side by side with everyone doing the work of the association.  BRHBA volunteers inevitably do more business with other BRHBA members because they know and work with them.

The opportunity to serve on committees is one of your most powerful member benefits.  It pays to become involved.  To join a committee, call the Committee Chairperson listed below or call the BRHBA office.  See the calendar each month in the newsletter for regular meeting times of all committees.


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